The hard part is over.  You have weighed the pros and cons, made lists, read articles, and asked friends and colleagues their advice. You have finally decided that an Administrative Consultant is right for you. Now, which one to pick.  There are hundreds to choose from. This is one industry that you will not see anyone putting down their competition.  So, how do you choose?  Since we are virtual, location is not even in the equation. One way to eliminate some of the choices is, as a rule, Administrative Consultants tend to focus their services in specialized areas. Instead of spreading oneself thin from trying to offer everything to everyone, we tend to lean more to what we excel at.  Business Support Connections is no different.  

BSC primarily focuses services for the small and home business owner.  The owner that is starting to see some business growth and is overwhelmed with paperwork and does not know where to turn to next. Maybe you need a website, new forms designed, business cards created, a monthly newsletter, parts or services researched, or just data entry.  I can do that.  

Although I have the experience and ability to work for a larger client, I enjoy limiting my services to small businesses.  I like the one on one environment that comes with dealing with one or two people at a business.  When you use BSC, you work with me, not a group where you could be dealing with Jane on this project, Mary on the next and Sue on the next. The benefit of this is consistent work and complete understanding of your business.  Less confusion, less mistakes, and more productivity. 

I also offer my services to small non-profit organizations, civic clubs and neighborhood associations. These types of organizations are very similar to a small business so they fit in with my business ideals.

As much as I would like to say I can be your one stop for everything, that simply isn't true.  However, I am a member of several professional associations that allows me the accessibility of consultants all over the world that can offer the type of service that you need.  Your satisfaction is my number one priority. 
What Makes BSC different?
Administrative Consultants are THE Administrative Experts! We specialize in providing you with the right-hand administrative support and guidance you need to keep your business organized, humming along smoothly and moving forward. We are agents of your success!

Used with permission from the
Administrative Consultants Association
Client's Guide to Administrative Consultants
"We give you the ability to focus on your goals and not your paperwork"

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