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It's Official ... We've Changed Our Name

"We give you the ability to focus on your goals and not your paperwork"
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Why use an Administrative Consultant?

According to a survey from, the average employee wastes up to 2 hours per day. Add that to two 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch and now you are paying for 8 hours but getting 4.5 hours of productive work. With an administrative consultant, you only pay for the time that is actually worked. 

For instance, if you have a project that will take 8 hours to do. You only pay an administrative consultant 8 hours. Take that same project and give to an assistant in your office.  That assistant is also handling phones, coworkers, emails, customers, and other priority work which could result in that same project taking 2-3 days to complete.

Still Unsure?

Consider this, do you pay the kid down the street to mow your yard? Maybe you have someone coming in once a week to clean your home. All of these you could do, but who has the time and face it, you really don’t want to do it anyway. Administrative Consultants love doing the work most business owners do not want to do. 
That's right ... Typing Bug Virtual Assistance Services is now Business Support Connections!  Same great service with a more focused direction.  Over the years my business has taken me from offering general typing to virtual assistance to a more focused role of administrative support.  I put off changing my company name for quite some time because Typing Bug had developed a following in the industry but I was getting stretched too thin to be effective in all areas.  My strong point really is administrative support and organizational assistance.  
Business Support Connections will offer business support virtually to small, mom and pop, rural and family-owned businesses as well as non-profits, associations and solo entrepreneurs. Basically anyone that needs administrative support but either can't afford additional office staff or the need isn't there for a full-time person.  

As a business owner, what can I offer you?  Think about all of the small tasks you handle during the day that realistically someone else could handle.  I can maintain your calendar, handle correspondence, make lodging arrangements, sort and prioritize your emails, research, work on spreadsheets, light bookkeeping, even keep up with your Christmas gift list or research that perfect gift.  

For non-profit or home owner associations, are you tired of trying to find a member to volunteer to keep the books, handle the dues, create a newsletter or maintain a mailing list?  I can handle all of that.

Think this is too expensive?  You would be amazed at how affordable my services are.  Especially if you account for the free time you will have to do what you do best (which is really why you started your company to start off with - not be bogged down with paperwork).  

Let me know if I can help you to "better connect with your clients" by giving you the ability to focus on your goals and not your paperwork.
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